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I’m going to amass posts for the information of anyone wanting to know about these things  – but I want to state here before I even get started that most of the unexplained phenomena are demonic in origin. If you don’t believe this, don’t waste your time on this site. 

Are there extraterrestrial beings? Yes. The Bible has many, MANY, references to them. They are angels, fallen angels, and demons. 

This subject is going to be opened up by the powers that be –  as time marches nearer to the “last days.” But people are going to be told that these beings are from another star system and have come here to save humanity from destroying itself. This is going to be the “delusion” the world is going to fall for. They are going to tell the world that if we had let the armaments race go on, we’d end up destroying the world with nuclear weapons, and that’s why they are showing up now – and the public calls these visits “UFO” phenomena.

They are going to tell the world that they actually “seeded” mankind, it was not the work of God who doesn’t exist except as a fairy tale. They are going to tell the world that Jesus Christ was just a man in history, but that he accomplished anything is just a myth, and only the unintelligent fall for his story of “redemption.” 

Friends, this is going to be Satan’s hour. He will empower – and even indwell – the global leader called “the Antichrist.” This Antichrist will demand worship, which Satan has desired from the beginning. Anyone cooperating with the Antichrist will be compelled to receive a mark in his right hand or his forehead. Without that mark, no one can buy or sell. To get the mark, one will have to bow to the Antichrist. Anyone who doesn’t will be martyred.

As I get this site up and going, I will put on the Bible passages which address all this. For now, I’m just going to put this disclaimer up, and I’ll fill it in later.